Two GREAT app’s for parents

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Of late I have stumbled upon two great apps for parents that you may want to check out.

Parent Cue

The first app is called “Parent Cue” and was developed by ReTHINK – the same folks who put on the family ministries conference “Orange.” This app provides spiritual topics that you should talk to your kids about for their particular age level. A countdown of weeks-until-graduation makes for some rather intense parenting pressure. If that is the kind of thing that floats your boat and motivates you then you should really try it out.

Check out the Parent Cue here.

The New City Catechism

This is an app developed around a book which was developed as a catechism for students. In many evangelical churches, we don’t use a catechism to systematically teach our kids about God and faith, but we should be. This simple tool will help you to make sure your children understand the basics of what makes Christianity, Christianity. We intend to use it as a guide for our teaching in the grade 7-8 Church this year (although we’ll spice it up a bit) and it will be a reference for all our ministries at Southland to ensure that we aren’t missing important aspects of our faith.

Check out “The New City Catechism” here.

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