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Here are the most popular posts from The Renewed Family and our Facebook page from the past 30 days! Thanks for taking time to read and share our stuff! Enjoy rereading and re-laughing!


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Selah - Amy Parker



If you are a mom who is seeking connection to other godly moms, if you desire for God to help you become a better woman and if you want to grow in your parenting skills then we’d love to have you join us at our Selah Information and Registration morning on Thursday, May 28th @ 9:30am in the Seminar Room. This information session consists of approximately a 30 minute presentation describing Selah and our various programs followed by a chance to ask questions and/or register for fall. (There is no childcare provided.)

Below is a brief overview of our various moms’ groups and our corresponding kids’ programs:

Baby Basics: a group for moms with babies

  • Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30am from mid-Sept to May
  • Cost is $50 for the year
  • Nursery care provided for babies

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screaming kid



Let’s get straight to it, here’s the challenge: Whatever you do as discipline for your children, evaluate it. I want you to ask yourself two very simple questions 1) Am I defaulting to an action or style of discipline because it is easy (or natural, or a generational pattern) and 2) Is it working for you.

Now if your style of discipline is working for you, I don’t want you to stop reading. The reason is simply, just because something is getting a result doesn’t mean it is actually working in the long run and you should still take time occasionally to evaluate what you are doing. The obvious example is parenting using fear tactics. I can make my kids obey me and it might even look to everyone else as though I am being a successful parent, but I’m telling you, you don’t want fear to be the deterrent for disobedience; the long term effects can be devastating.

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Funnies of the month!

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