The Thanksgiving Food and Clothing Drive and your Kids

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I’m sure you have heard about Southland’s Thanksgiving Food and Clothing Drive, this annual event helps hundreds and hundreds of people from the Steinbach and surrounding area (some even drive a couple of hours to attend!) This is a golden opportunity to spend time serving together as a family and there are many ways that you can get involved as a family!

  1. The Loonie Drive for Bibles in Kidzland! This past Sunday kids were encouraged to bring a loonie to help buy Bibles to put into every food hamper. (Each Bible is $3.) If you missed it don’t worry we are collecting on October 11th as well! But don’t just give your kids a loonie to drop off, tell them that you will match however much they can give out of their piggy bank or find in couch cushions!
  2. Do a fall clean out of their closet (with them)! We need TONS of clothing to give away and I know your kids have lots of clothes that are outgrown. Also look through their stuffy collection and encourage them to donate a toy or two to the drive to bless a child. Let’s be honest one less pound puppy isn’t going to hurt them (at least not for long!)
  3. Go shopping for non-perishables together! Once again raid their piggy banks and see how far you can stretch their money at the supermarket. You will teach them about money, value and giving all at the same time. Of course they should pick their favourite foods because chances are good that if they love something another kid will as well.
  4. Volunteer together! You can definitely get involved setting out clothes for the crowds and if your child is old enough to be a help and not a nuisance you should bring them along. Pull them out of school an hour or two early if you have to! If you want to get involved just call the church office for information. 204-326-9020.
  5. Make it a prayer point at dinner or bedtime! Praying for events at church is a powerful way to help your kids feel like they are a part of what is going on. So pray together for the many people who will be blessed with clothing and food hampers and especially for those who will be receiving a Bible!

October 16th from 9am-7pm is the big giveaway day!

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