The Summer of “Yes”

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Summer is coming!

As I head into year-end with my grade 6 students, my mind is shifting to a summer with my kids at home. With my husband working in trades we experience the lazy days of summer with a tinge of construction chaos. July and August are these beautiful beasts in my life. I am grateful to have summers off, yet struggle with the change of routine and lack of structure.  

I suspect many of you are in a similar situation. You have had a routine since September. Your family has a rhythm. In a few short weeks everything will come to a grinding halt and you will need to re-evaluate how your family does life for a couple of months.

I am a planner at heart. I believe things tend to run smoother when you are intentional with your schedule. Being well-planned is what allows for stress-free spontaneity in your life.

Why not take some time now to reflect on your family’s summer? Grab your copy of the Summer Values Planner HERE and use it as part of your devotions this week. It may just be what saves your sanity when your kids are asking for their eighteenth snack of the day this summer!

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Jerrah-Lee Broesky

Jerrah-Lee is a middle school teacher with two young kids. She’s been married for nearly 12 years to her husband, Kevin. She loves learning and in recent years has focused her attention on brain science and healthy family relationships. She also enjoys learning about how to organize her family life in a way that is practical and balanced.

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