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Let’s get them ready!

Oh yes! It’s that time again! I have been holding off on the “getting ready for school” blog for some time, but it’s August and I can’t wait any longer! (I mean the stores only really give our kids a week or two of solace before announcing back-to-school shopping deals anyways.) For some this will ruin your August and for others it will add a blissful sensation of anticipation, and I mean for parents and kids! So what can we do to prepare them for entry back into the halls of scholasticism? There was plenty that came to my mind (along the lines of kick’em in the pants on their way out the door!), but I thought it would be wise to check in with the experts. I’ve broken up their suggestions and my ideas by age group, so hyper-link away to the appropriate section and after you read, consider leaving a suggestion or two of your own.

Prepping your kids for Preschool

Prepping your kids for Kindergarten

Prepping your kids for Elementary School

Prepping your kids for Middle School

Prepping your kids for High School

Special thanks to all my expert friends for weighing in with their thoughts and wisdom!

One Comment on “The Big Back to School Blog!”

  1. Great article! Each age section contains wise info and ideas from the perspective of teachers and Thom. Thank you to the teachers who love kids enough to spend their days helping grow and learn in a (sometimes) difficult environment!

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