Teaching our kids to respect authority

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Canadian elections have come and gone and the world has stood agape as another Trudeau is poised to take office. I for one am not entirely sorry that we have the campaigning behind us, Facebook is back to its old happy narcissistic posting self instead of grumpy narcissistic political posts. Of course there is a bit of political residue left (like spaghetti sauce in a toddler’s hair) but time should take care of that… mostly. There will, I suspect, be some disgruntled folk who hang onto a grudge and subject us to their opinion from time to time. Regardless of where you stand on the political colour spectrum (red, blue, orange, green or grey), Christians have a mandate from God to respect authority, regardless of which party took the popular vote.

In fact, around these here parts, in the backwoods of Manitoba, where it seems blue runs quite deep, we have an opportunity to demonstrate this Christian principle in real-time. Our High School Ministry Pastor, Brad Elias, was the one who brought this to my attention and I’m grateful he did, and I promptly enlisted his and Pastor Monique’s help from Children’s Ministry to create some guidelines on how we can train up our children to respect authority with godly character and integrity. I decided to write out some of my thoughts for you parents with little kiddos as well because training is best taken up young.

Teaching our preschool kids to respect authority – by repetition

Teaching our children to respect authority – by example

Teaching our students to respect authority – by being a light

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