Teaching Instead of Disciplining

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Isn’t is easy to become discouraged about parenting? One minute you’re planning an amazing day out with the family and the next you’re ready to call the whole thing off. You know the scenario that proceeds. Your kids are refusing to eat their breakfast and … Read More

Redeeming Discipline

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Ok, now that is a clever play on words! Why? Because discipline is meant to be redemptive and because the word itself (if not the concept) needs to be redeemed, dusted off, polished up and reapplied. Let’s do a quick experiment, close your eyes and repeat … Read More

The Bible’s most important lesson

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I think a lot about how best to communicate the stories of the Bible to the kids at Southland. In doing some reading over the past year or so I’ve discovered that many “Bibles for Kids,” Sunday School curricula and other Christian material for children … Read More