The Anxious Blogger

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Looking back on my childhood, I could easily say that I have always been an anxious person. Though it wasn’t until I was into my twenties that I realized that what I had was anxiety. I figured I was just nervous, afraid of the unknown, … Read More


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  Why do we run Selah the way we do?  In 2009, I felt a prompting from God to start a moms ministry at Southland.  I resisted at first because of my personal fears and insecurities. I didn’t think I could lead other women and … Read More

Selah’s Missionary Mom

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Selah’s Missionary Mom Jonathan, Deborah and Laura Bourbeau serving in Latvia with Greater Europe Mission Joining you lovely ladies at Selah last January was such a blessing!  Being a first-time mom on the mis​sion ​field where there is no such thing as a mom’s group … Read More

Words of Wisdom: From Moms. To Moms.

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(by the moms of the Selah Summer Mentoring Group, 2017) This past summer as I (LaDawn) was packing to move, I came across a box of index cards. They were from my first baby shower and contained words of advice from my friends and family. … Read More

The Value Of Community

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At the end of every Selah year, I ask moms what topic helped them the most. Far and away the most common response is not a topic but rather the blessing of community. Information is important, but on its own, it’s just words. Greater than … Read More

The Tornado Life

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  1 hour. 2 000 steps.   I never realized how much hustle happens in my home between 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. According to my Fitbit, I take an average of 2 000 steps in that one hour. It’s absolutely astounding. That’s 20% of my … Read More

Selah Kids Matter!

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Navigating a LIVE-IT Morning Selah is a ministry for moms and the hope is that the Live-It weeks give you practical helps for your child as well as build your relationship with your child.  Selah is also very much about kids!  We know God loves … Read More

A Time Out for Moms

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Selah is a musical term found in the Psalms. While there is no official meaning for this word it does indicate a pause, or a time to stop and reflect. The song writer will begin by lamenting to God and pouring out his heart to … Read More