COVID-19, Your Kids, Their Fear

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Fear was a big part of my life as a kid. When I was young and had a nightmare I could go to my parents’ room and they had a sweet sheep skin rug beside their bed that we could sleep on. (There was NO … Read More

Hope For Fearful Parents

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When our second son was a toddler I had a horrific dream (several in fact) where he was killed, usually by me loosing his grip in a high place and letting him fall. I remember one time in particular when I woke literally crying; it … Read More

Teaching our children about war

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Remembrance Day is a holiday that has held increasing significance in my life as I’ve grown older. The challenge with a day like today is that it forces us to confront our beliefs about war and at every age because every kid in school comes … Read More

Parenting in the dark

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Every parent will eventually face a day they have dreaded. Whether it comes with the end of a relationship when spouses cannot mend their differences or a tragic death. Whether it comes with the bully on the playground or the joint you find in your … Read More

When Fear is Real

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Nothing is quite as unnerving as waking up from a dead sleep and seeing a kid silently standing over your bed at 3am. “I’m afraid Daddy,” she whispers. “Well SO AM I NOW!” You feel like yelling as your heart beats wildly! (Thankfully you keep … Read More

Violence in the Bible

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One of the Church Renewal Practices is “Learn about God and know God” and clearly the most important way to do this is to read the Bible. But does that mean all of the Bible? Should we focus on just the stories about Jesus (and … Read More