Teaching Instead of Disciplining

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Isn’t is easy to become discouraged about parenting? One minute you’re planning an amazing day out with the family and the next you’re ready to call the whole thing off. You know the scenario that proceeds. Your kids are refusing to eat their breakfast and … Read More

Correcting Someone Else’s Kids

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How To Correct Someone Else’s Kids This year at Selah, each of you moms will be playing a vital role in making our kids programs awesome. Every other week you will be shepherding or teaching a group of kids and making an investment in their … Read More

The Happy Benefit to Making Mistakes

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My wife and I were able to attend the Empowered To Connect conference for the second year in a row at the beginning of April. This conference is for foster and adoptive parents and those who support them, teaching good parenting practice from the latest … Read More

Redeeming Discipline

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Ok, now that is a clever play on words! Why? Because discipline is meant to be redemptive and because the word itself (if not the concept) needs to be redeemed, dusted off, polished up and reapplied. Let’s do a quick experiment, close your eyes and repeat … Read More

The Discipline Challenge

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Let’s get straight to it, here’s the challenge: Whatever you do as discipline for your children, evaluate it. I want you to ask yourself two very simple questions 1) Am I defaulting to an action or style of discipline because it is easy (or natural, … Read More

The comparison game

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Last week I wrote about capturing the heart of your child. That post was followed by a parents night at our church, so I decided to build off it as teaching material for the evening. In doing so I realized that there is a vital component … Read More