The Bible’s most important lesson

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I think a lot about how best to communicate the stories of the Bible to the kids at Southland. In doing some reading over the past year or so I’ve discovered that many “Bibles for Kids,” Sunday School curricula and other Christian material for children … Read More

Violence in the Bible

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One of the Church Renewal Practices is “Learn about God and know God” and clearly the most important way to do this is to read the Bible. But does that mean all of the Bible? Should we focus on just the stories about Jesus (and … Read More

How To Help Kids
Trust The Bible

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A short time ago, Monique Desorcy, Southland’s Children’s Ministry Pastor sent me an email explaining that a grade 3 girl had approached her and asked “What do you say to a boy when he asks you: ‘how do you know the Bible is true?’” What … Read More