Why I Remain a Christian

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  I think some people I assume I am a Christian for job security. Perhaps I’ve even felt that in the past. Today I know that nothing could be further from the truth. I became a Christian because I had a powerful experience with God … Read More

Why a baby?

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This past Saturday, Donavan Friesen and I hosted our 6th Waypoint event for those who are searching for Truth and exploring questions about faith. This time our question was “Why a baby?” in celebration of the season. Have you ever considered why Jesus had to … Read More

A bit of extra reading for the weekend

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Here are two blogs that I thought were worth sharing for a bit of extra reading this weekend. I hope you enjoy them. This first one is from Natasha Crain at www.christianmomthoughts.com again but I would like to point out that in the US there … Read More

My favourite parenting websites

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Ok, you are going to feel deceived as soon as you look at the links below because all of them are actually on apologetics and only the first link is about teaching your kids about apologetics, but this is the thing, first of all I … Read More

The Question of Eternity

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Yesterday we celebrated Easter Sunday, the most important day on the Christian calendar of events. And that makes today, you guessed it, Easter Monday! Have you ever thought of what it must have felt like the day after Jesus rose from the dead? Certainly most … Read More

How To Help Kids
Trust The Bible

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A short time ago, Monique Desorcy, Southland’s Children’s Ministry Pastor sent me an email explaining that a grade 3 girl had approached her and asked “What do you say to a boy when he asks you: ‘how do you know the Bible is true?’” What … Read More