Should Parents “Make” Their Children Tithe?

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What do you do when kids start to bring in their OWN cash? Should you enforce tithing? Pastor Thom has an opinion…

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Thom Dick

Associate Pastor – Southland Church

Thom has worked with children and youth for 18 years. He and his wife, Tara, have 7 kids; 4 boys, and two daughters and a SON-IN-LAW(!). The kids are spread across 23 years too so that gives him plenty of experimental material to write about! They have welcomed 31 foster children into their home over the past number of years.

6 Comments on “Should Parents “Make” Their Children Tithe?”

  1. The school at which I work needed some volenteers because we ran short of a few educators. I asked my daughter and her her to come and help out. They helped for a month. They also knew that there was no payment from the school, but they helped anyway. The principal and SGB was very grateful and they somehow made it their mission to repay them. My daughter and her friend came home after each receiving an envelope. They took money out and said, “mommy here is out tithes”. I was in total awe because of this principal we teach in church and over the years growing up as a child. No one told them give to God, they knew the principal thing to do. If God has been graceful to you, why not? I took the tithes and blessed it and asked God to open the doors of employment for them. So I think it’s a good thing to teach your children to tithe. It can only bring blessings and not curses.

  2. Thom,
    I think I’m from the wrong generation or something, because I want a transcript to read when you do a video 🙂

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