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If you are a mom who is seeking connection to other godly moms, if you desire for God to help you become a better woman and if you want to grow in your parenting skills then we’d love to have you join us at our Selah Information and Registration morning on Thursday, May 28th @ 9:30am in the Seminar Room. This information session consists of approximately a 30 minute presentation describing Selah and our various programs followed by a chance to ask questions and/or register for fall. (There is no childcare provided.)

Below is a brief overview of our various moms’ groups and our corresponding kids’ programs:

Baby Basics: a group for moms with babies

  • Tuesdays from 9:30-11:30am from mid-Sept to May
  • Cost is $50 for the year
  • Nursery care provided for babies

Moms & Tots: for moms with kids ages 2-3

  • Tuesdays OR Thursdays from 9:30-11:30am from early September to May
  • Every other week you get to participate with your child in a planned program. On the alternate weeks you attend the mom’s group course while your child gets a planned program led by volunteers.
  • $100 for the year

General Moms Group: for moms with kids ages 3+

  • Tuesdays OR Thursdays from 9:30-11:30am from early September to May
  • Cost included in kids program fees
  • Programs for kids ages 3+:
    • Explorers (kids entering kindergarten in 2017): Tuesdays AND Thursdays
    • Ready-Set-Kindergarten! (kids entering kindergarten in 2016): Tuesdays AND Thursdays
    • Homeschool kids programs:
      • Treasure Seekers (Kindergarten & Gr.1)
      • Influencers (Gr. 2 – Gr. 12 Tues): Relational Leadership focus
      • Rock Stars (Gr. 2 – Gr. 12 Thurs): Choir and/or Drama focus
    • $300 for 1st child, $200 for 2nd child, $100 for 3rd child

Why Selah offers intentional kids programs…

The goal of Selah is to build into the lives of women so they become the moms that God has created them to be. (You can read a bit about that and a testimony here.) At the same time we also want to take advantage of the time we have with these moms’ kids in order to deepen their spiritual roots. So our volunteers work hard to plan stations and activities that will plant many God seeds, teach the kids to build relationships with adults and peers, prepare them for life of learning, and develop their character.

In the nursery we want to help the kids get comfortable at church and teach them about God through simple songs and stories.

In Moms and Tots our focus is to increase the kids’ attention spans and guide them in learning to listen to an adult other than their mom. We do this while playing games, singing, telling stories and doing crafts.

In our Explorers and Ready-Set-Kindergarten programs we are working alongside the moms to prep the kids for school. The morning is structured in 20 minute stations: alphabet learning, science, fitness, Bible time and music.

In our elementary groups our focus is relational leadership. We aim to help the kids learn how to connect with various ages of kids and build their confidence through group activities. On Tuesdays the kids get to participate in various team based stations (ex. sports, engineering, and writing) and they will have opportunities to try serving within Selah. On Thursdays the kids can be part of our kids choir and drama as evangelistic tools and confidence boosters.

If you would like more information about Selah please contact LaDawn Duerksen at Southland Church 204-326-9020 or via email ladawnd@mysouthland.com.

May our sons flourish in their youth like well-nourished plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars carved to beautify a palace. Psalm 144:12

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