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Navigating a LIVE-IT Morning

Selah is a ministry for moms and the hope is that the Live-It weeks give you practical helps for your child as well as build your relationship with your child.  Selah is also very much about kids!  We know God loves your kids and He expects us as a church to take every opportunity to pour into them.  We have 4 key goals for your kids during their time at Selah:

  1. We want to give kids a positive and fun experience at church so it is a place they want to keep coming to.
  1. We want to help them develop relationships with other kids their age.  Study after study shows that when kids have friends at church they are more likely to want to stay connected.   
  1. We want to take every opportunity we have to plant God seeds and strengthen their spiritual roots.  
  1. We want to give them a love of learning so they are prepared for school and life.


This takes being intentional and we can’t do it without your help as moms!  Like Pastor Thom said during baby dedication, “it takes a village to raise a child”.  By pouring into the next generation together we can raise our kids to be kingdom leaders! We are so thankful for your willing hearts to come every other week to do this.  It is making an eternal difference.


Throughout this year we want to help you out as much as possible.  This post contains some reminders from the manual as well as some tips for increasing attention spans.  

Drop Off: 9:25-9:30

Moms should welcome kids into their opening area, help them engage with the other kids and get started with their first activity.  To build joy, get to know each child’s name, greet them by name and with a smile!


Stations 9:30-11:30

During this time, all moms can help lead the children to and in their different stations.  The best way to help kids participate is to enthusiastically participate in the activities yourself! If it’s a game, play too.  If it’s a song, sing along and do the actions.  If it’s a book, listen and help them respond to questions. And so on.  You might feel silly but if you are doing it, the kids in your group will be more likely to want to do the activity.


Sometimes there won’t be a station leader to guide you.  If you are unsure of what to do, just ask the area leader.  Reading all your e-mails will be helpful too, even if the information doesn’t seem to apply to you.  You just never know what a morning will bring.


Through the year we want to help the kids’ attention spans to grow.  This especially applies to the kids ages 2-5. We’ll give you more ideas for this in the coming months but one idea for now it to try to get them to do ‘one more thing’:  color one more ‘animal’ (or whatever is on their page); put on one more block; read one more story; wait one more minute. You can also begin to expect them to wait at the table until everyone is finished.  If this seems hard, they can bring back one toy to play with at the table until everyone is finished their task.


Check Out 11:20-30am

Help get the kids to clean-up their final station (see the clean-up songs below to help make it fun).  Cleaning up is a really good skill for them to learn and it will help you out too.

Clean Up Songs

Sung to: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

It is time to clean up now.

Clean up, clean up, we know how.

We can clean up; you will see

Just how clean our room can be.

It is time to clean up now.

Clean up, clean up, we know how.


Sung to: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

Pick up, pick up, pick up toys,

Every little girl and boy.

Look around and you will see,

All the things that shouldn’t be.

Pick up, pick up, pick up toys,

Every little girl and boy.


Sung to: “London Bridge”

It is time to clean the room.

Clean the room, Clean the room.

It is time to clean the room.

Let’s start cleaning!”


As kids leave, try to encourage each mom and their child by sharing something they did well that morning.

Final Clean Up

As moms, if you can do a final clean-up of your room before leaving that would be awesome!  This is simply putting items back where they belong, tossing junk (like your coffee cups and left behind crafts), wiping tables and stacking chairs.

Who to tell when you can’t come:

If you can’t make a Live-It week, it’s important to let us know so we can make the necessary adjustment for the morning.  Always let your table leader know as well as the following leaders:

Nursery:  Robyn Wiebe

2’s:  Charissa Barnard

3’s and up: Madyson Penner

Final Encouragment

Mark 9:36-37

Taking the child in His arms, He said to them, “whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name, welcomes me.”


God will bless you richly for the investment you are making in the next generation!



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