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Selah is a musical term found in the Psalms. While there is no official meaning for this word it does indicate a pause, or a time to stop and reflect. The song writer will begin by lamenting to God and pouring out his heart to Him. Then there is a ‘selah’, or a pause. When the song begins again it is full of hope and a renewed perspective of God’s amazing love and power. That is our dream for the moms of Selah; that this ministry is the pause in their week to come and be refreshed. And that they would leave recharged and refocused on right priorities through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The role of a mother is one of the most significant jobs in the world.  As C.S. Lewis said, “Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” And yet in our current culture motherhood is not a career that is given much value or support. As Christians though, God has given us as parents the responsibility to raise our kids to know Him (Deuteronomy 11:18-21). Selah is designed to be that much needed support for moms and that weekly reminder to them that what they are doing is so incredibly valuable and significant. We do that by building a strong community around these women so that they feel like they have a place to belong rather than feeling isolated and alone. Then we equip them to do their job as moms by giving them lots of spiritual and practical tools. We emphasize that God must be number one in our lives and that He alone is the answer to all their parenting needs. We spend time praying together for ourselves, our marriages and our kids. We do sessions on life skills such as discipline, nutrition & meal planning, budgeting, household management, marriage, and teaching their kids. And we do this all with a lot of laughter, and of course coffee and food!

While we minister to the hearts of our moms, we also pour into their kids and plan intentional programs for them too. We offer nursery childcare for babies and toddlers. Starting at age 2 and going right up to Grade 5 we have station based programs for kids that focus on helping moms raise city on a hill kids; kids with confidence and character who will go on to be successful ministers in the marketplace. We place a huge emphasis on mom involvement and give moms lots of time to interact with their kids in their classes.

This year Selah has ministered to 165 moms and over 250 kids! We love what we get to do and see so much fruit from God working in the hearts of our moms and kids.

Testimony from a mom in our Moms and Tots Group

When I originally signed up for Selah this year, I really did not want to be part of the moms and tots group because I wanted these Thursday mornings just to myself in the moms group and have the time away from all my children. Yet, I could feel like this was a great opportunity for me and my son and I felt a strong urge to sign up for it. When we started the moms and tots group, I was in a very hard place in my relationship with my 2 1/2 year old. I felt like he had completely drained me and I just had nothing left to give him. I don’t know how many times I went to bed crying because I felt like I failed him in so many ways and his bad behavior was all due to my bad parenting. We both needed something and now looking back, I can see how the moms and tots group was the turning point for us. To have these two hours of just one on one time with my son with no other distractions made such an impact on his life in such a short period of time. I remember the first time we went, he looked at me in wonder when he realized that I was actually staying there to play with him and now when we go, he takes it very literally that I am there to play! What I was not seeing back then, was that it actually is okay to sit down and play with your child and not feel guilty about everything else that I thought needed to be done. I never realized how important intentional play is with a second child. This group has given me the freedom to just concentrate on him and not feel guilty about it. I get to show up with my son and snacks, songs, stories, activities and crafts are planned for us and we get to just come in and enjoy it all. What a blessing! I can truly say it has impacted our relationship in such a positive way and I am so thankful for this ministry.

Selah - Amy Parker


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