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Ok, you are going to feel deceived as soon as you look at the links below because all of them are actually on apologetics and only the first link is about teaching your kids about apologetics, but this is the thing, first of all I HAD to trick you into reading because most parents wouldn’t have read a blog called “My favourite apologetics websites.” I’m right aren’t I? But the second and by far more important reason is that parents need to equip their minds with truth and I wanted to give you some fantastic web resources to keep in your back pocket for when you deal with life’s hard questions – whether from your own questions or from those of your kids.

The first website is the best website I’ve discovered that equips parents to talk to their kids about apologetics. It is called Christian Mom Thoughts by Natasha Crain. Here is an excerpt from her latest post – it shows how a parent who is equipped with Truth can parent “along the way” like Deuteronomy 6 commands!


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Heaven and Hell: How to Explain God’s Love AND Justice to Kids

Natasha Crain –

Lately, my two daughters (ages 6 and 4) have been arguing incessantly every morning. It’s the first thing I hear every day, echoing from down the hall:

“Stop staring at me!”

“Then leave my room!”

“You’re so mean!”

“No, you’re the meanest in the world!”

The other morning, my older daughter ran into my room, crying, “Mommy! Sister pushed me to the ground! I got hurt!”

In utter fatigue and frustration, I just looked at her blankly and replied, “I just don’t care anymore. I don’t know what to tell you.”

She burst into tears. “It’s NOT FAIR! Why don’t you care she did something bad?”

I shrugged and said, “I should. I’m just too tired of all this fighting to do anything anymore.”

I ushered my wailing daughter out of the room and finished getting ready, feeling like a total failure.

Little did I know my failure would serve as a great lesson about God’s love and justice only a few hours later.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Next here are a few of my go-to websites to fill my mind with truth.

  • – his one looks a bit hack but boy is there a lot of gold. And it appears that the author’s theology lines up very closely with Southland’s which is nice.
  • –  I like this site because it offers up short (not necessarily simple) answers on many different topics.
  • – William Lane Craig is Christianity’s champion philosopher. Much of what he says and writes is technical but I get his question of the week and that is often the starting point of some great thinking. The videos here are particularly great.
  • – This is the website of Hugh Ross from Reasons to Believe. He has a bunch of GREAT material particularly dealing with evolution and creation.
  • – Prager University isn’t really a university but a collection of short videos by great minds on a multitude of topics. The one with Eric Metaxas is far and wide my favourite – therefore I have supplied it below for your viewing pleasure.

I trust you will spend 15 minutes a week equipping your mind – your whole family will be better for it!

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