Moms Night Out!!

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Hey ladies!

Do you ever want to just feel like a kid again? Go back to those days of youth where you could do so many crazy things and they just were awesome? Our Mom’s Games Night is for you! We’re having a Middle School Games night which is where we enjoy a ton of games that middle schoolers love and do during Midweek here at church, with a mom twist! This isn’t a sit around and play board games kind of game night. Come ready to be actively moving through our game stations and competing to win the prize! (Yes! There’s a prize for the winning team!) Sign up with a friend or on your own and we’ll set your teams up to compete in what may be the highlight of your year!

Here’s what you need to know:

Sign up here:  by January 25! *That’s next week, so what are you waiting for??

Time is 6:30-9 so be ON TIME! because we have a lot of fun packed in it for you!

We’ll have some snacks at the end so your $5 is well worth it!

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in, you won’t be sitting a lot!

Tell your friends and share this post! It’s a Churchwide moms event! Not just for Selah!


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