Lessons from a grade 2 field trip

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Well I did it – I finally fulfilled my annual parental duty to volunteer at school in some capacity. Yesterday I accompanied my son’s grade 2 class to the Museum of Man and Nature for the entire day. As I left I tweeted out my plans for the day, partly as a plea for intercession on my behalf and partly because that’s what you do on Twitter, you tweet stuff. Regardless one mom suggested that at a minimum I would get some good blogging material – and she was right! So here is my very uninspired, Saturday “extra” blog in the form of the top ten lessons I learned yesterday!

  1. A grade 2 field trip can be defined as a lot of running away from the adult leader followed by “boredom” pee breaks if the action stops for more than 3 seconds.
  2. Girls care about the bead work of our aboriginal friends and boys care much more deeply about their weapons.
  3. Neither boys nor girls care about the most important thing, Canada’s geology. (They wouldn’t let me teach them about the IMPRESSIVE collection of rocks!)
  4. Everyone needs a grandma in their life like Barbara the volunteer granny who toured us around different displays for an hour. She was a gem. (Incidentally a gem is a rock.)
  5. Security monitors are easily as entertaining, if not more-so, than actual exhibits. (I can’t imagine why they would put windows on the security room! It must make the guards feel like a penguin in the zoo.)
  6. Kids are smart. I said “Hey look at the buffalo” thinking they wouldn’t know that they were bison. They did.
  7. Kids are smart alecs. If they know something you don’t (or assume that you don’t) they will tell/inform/correct/enlighten/mock you. Then rub it in your face that they knew something you didn’t.
  8. I learned that I really appreciate contemporary dentistry. Good grief, I was actually concerned for the well-being of the 1800’s patient mannequin being worked on by the 1800’s dentist mannequin.
  9. The Planetarium is not quite as fun as it used to be. I may have dozed off momentarily. Several times.
  10. There aren’t enough dads who take the day off of work to go on field trips. It really wasn’t that hard. The kids are incredibly fun. And I definitely notched up a few degrees on the hero-mometer.

Our teachers are amazing too! I wouldn’t be able to say enough!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!


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