How To Help Kids
Trust The Bible

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A short time ago, Monique Desorcy, Southland’s Children’s Ministry Pastor sent me an email explaining that a grade 3 girl had approached her and asked “What do you say to a boy when he asks you: ‘how do you know the Bible is true?’”

What a great question… that is seriously hard for children (not to mention many adults) to answer. Most kids before grade 4 or 5 have never even considered that the Bible was anything but true; until some kid approaches them on the playground and pops the question that is. What do you do? Clearly there are many sophisticated arguments for why we can trust the Bible. But for most kids I would just use these five arguments in the acrostic P.E.A.C.E.

P – Prophesy. We can trust the Bible because it has tons of prophesies. For example Isaiah wrote about Jesus 800 years BEFORE Jesus was born! There are hundreds of prophesies that have come true already!

E – Evidence. We can trust the Bible because we have lots of pieces of evidence that have been dug up in Israel that show that the stories in the Bible really happened.

A – All about Jesus. We can trust the Bible because its all about Jesus! 40 different authors wrote the Bible and it took over 1000 years for all the stories to be written but they are all about Jesus! That’s a miracle!

C – Copies. We can trust the Bible because there are loads of copies of very old pieces of the Bible and all of them agree – there are no major differences!

E – Experience. We can trust the Bible because when I do what the Bible says I experience peace. That’s a pretty good reason to believe what the Bible says is true.

Even if your kids can only remember two of the five reasons to trust the Bible the next time they face that question they will at least have a piece of the answer! And always remind your kids that smart people don’t have all the answers, smart people know where to look for the answers. In other words if they remember that you taught them the P.E.A.C.E answer at one time, chances are good that they will remember the word if not the details and come back for a refresher! Teaching them this will preempt the questions they will face!

Incidentally shortly after the email from Monique, the grade 3 girl’s mom emailed back.

My daughter loved this. The points that seemed to resonate with her were prophesy and experience. I love that it is reinforced for her that she doesn’t have to have all the answers – rather that she knows where to look!

This question comes from a peer in her class whom she says she has been trying to evangelize to for 3 years… the Deeper* kids in the class have been challenging his unbelief. This is one question in their ongoing debate. I have to smile at the thought that this child would have to harden his heart not to be persuaded over time! The Deeper kids in his class are unrelenting in their efforts to bring him to know truth and be saved!! Pastor Thom would love the apologetic debate going on in context of a gr 3 class.

*Deeper is a mid-week discipleship program for kids at Southland. Technically it is called “Going Deeper With God.”

3 Comments on “How To Help Kids
Trust The Bible”

  1. Thank you, Tom!
    This is exactly what I was looking for.
    I’m sorry if I conveyed in any way that the grade 3 version was not true. Not at all! I was just looking for examples of fulfilled prophecies, archeological finds, etc. to buttress my arguments.
    What you have provided here will give me a good start. I will ask again once I have pursued the additional information you’ve recommended.


  2. Thom,
    Really like your answer. I tried it on an adult friend of mine and I left him flabbergasted. His jaw dropped and the only words he could muster were: “That’s it?!”
    So how would I give this adult (university educated) friend a more in-depth answer?


    1. Hi Zahir, well I think one thing that is very important to keep in mind is that although this is a simplified tool­­ for kids, there is a tremendous amount of Truth in it. In fact entire volumes of scholarly work is out there that would support any of the five evidences. I would recommend some resources. An article from Reasons to Believe with Hugh Ross on the evidence of fulfilled prophesies. There is also a host of articles at on archaeology and the Bible. I would also recommend books by K. A. Kitchen or G. Ernest Wright on the topic. As for the evidence that the Bible is all about Jesus I would suggest checking out this article by Adrian Rogers. I also read a great old book a number of years ago called Portraits of Christ in Genesis, by M. R. DeHaan. As for copies of manuscripts of the Bible, we have so many and so many books have been written about them that it’s almost impossible to know where to start. I would suggest this list of articles and books at Finally, I find that experience is a much overlooked evidence of the existence of Jesus and the reliability of Scripture. If I make a cake according the recipe and it turns out, that is a good recipe. If I make a cake and it doesn’t turn out like the picture, I look back on what I did, read the recipe more carefully and try again. But people don’t treat the Bible as graciously. I find that when I apply the Truth of the Bible to my life, there is a result and it is positive. But more than that, there have been times when I have been “led” to precisely the passage of Scripture that I need for encouragement. I know of people who have come to believe in Jesus from merely reading his story in the Gospels. I believe these experiences are miraculous and point towards a God in heaven who loves us and communicates to us.

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