Here are some great titles we don’t mind getting behind!

  • "Keeping Your Kids on God's Side" by Natasha Crain

    In this book Natasha Crain explores 40 conversations you can have with your kids bout faith. It’s apologetics at a kid’s level! Awesome!

  • "No-Drama Discipline" by Daniel J. Sielgel

    This book is not written from a Christian perspective but it still contains amazing advice based on the latest brain science. Highly recommended.

  • "The Whole-Brain Child" by Daniel J. Siegel

    Another great book on child development and mentoring your child’s brain.

  • "The Connected Child" by Karen Purvis et. al.

    If you have adopted or foster children you will want to take a look at this AMAZING book based on research from Texas Christian University Child Development Institute. This is a very hopeful and practical book.

  • "Brainstorm" by Daniel J. Siegel

    Dan Siegel’s book on the TEENAGE brain. It is so hopeful and packed with suggestions to help parents and teens through a tricky season of life.

  • "Grace Based Parenting" by Tim Kimmel

    A wonderful parenting book from a Christian perspective.

  • "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp

    Parenting is much more about guiding than enforcing.

  • "Raising a Modern day knight" by Robert Lewis

    This book is amazing ESPECIALLY for dads who don’t always know how to mentor the man in their son.

  • "The out-of-sync child" by Carol Stock Kranowitz

    This book is for parents who have kids with sensory processing disorders. It has a companion book by the same author called “The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun” which gives TONS of practical activities to do with kids with SPD.

  • "The Case for Christ for Kids" by Lee Strobel

    The “Case for…” books are all amazing and I would recommend “The Case for Faith,” “The Case for a Creator,” “The Case for Grace” in the kids versions for every family.

  • "God's Design For Sex" by Stan and Brenna Jones

    There are four books in the “God’s Design for Sex” series; one for ages 3 to 5, one for ages 5-8, one for ages 8 to 11, and one for ages 11-14. I especially thought the picture books for the two youngest age brackets were great!