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Every so often, it’s good to let all the Renewed Family readers know about some other excellent parenting sites. Here are a couple of samples from two that I often look at.

What Christian Parents Should Learn from the Normalize Atheism Movement

by Natasha Crain from her Christian Mom Thoughts blog

(By the way, you should buy both her books while you are at her website. They are fantastic!)

October 12, 2017

I recently encountered a movement underway on social media called “Normalize Atheism.” According to the website of the same name, the movement started a couple of years ago, but it seems to have picked up more speed recently. The basic idea is that atheists post a picture of themselves on social media, using the hashtag #normalizeatheism, to demonstrate that atheists are just like everyone else.

Read the rest of the article here. 

Why Your Kids Need Five Other Adults in Their Lives

by Carey Nieuwhof from The Parent Cue blog

(By the way, you should download the FREE Parent Cue app. It’s awesome!)

I have something like 1,300 contacts in my phone. No doubt, 1,300 is a crazy number. You might have double that, or half that. It’s just the world we live in.

But even if you only had 100, you wouldn’t really know each of them well. Not deeply. Not personally. You couldn’t. Our relational span just isn’t that big.

But there’s also a “favorites list” on my phone, as there probably is one on yours. On that list are the people who are one touch-of-the-screen away from a call or a text. My favorites list is much shorter. In fact, there are less than twenty people on that list. If I were to get even more granular, there are really only about five that I call or text all the time. These are the handful of people closest to me.

Read the rest of the article here.

There you go! Two great parenting blogs to get you to some great sites with other great material! You’re welcome!!

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