Why every parent should attend Confident Christianity

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There are those moments, and this is one of them, that you ask yourself, “Should I really promote myself or not?” I have come to the conclusion that suggesting that all parents attend Confident Christianity is not really promoting myself, but rather promoting Truth, AND saving me a whole lot of time. (Although there is this slightly, nay fairly, carnal side of me that really wants more people to attend my course than Kris Duerksen’s… but that is carnal.)

“Why,” you ask, “is this saving you so much time? Doesn’t writing an entire course take a lot of work?” And the answer, well yes. Of course it takes time to write a course but consider this; almost everyone I know that asks thinking questions eventually asks the same question or at a minimum a variation of an existing question. Just look at the topics from the different apologetic ministries out there and note how similar they are. There’s a good reason for this phenomenon namely that questions are deeply personal and the Truth must be a personal pursuit. So when I ask a question and find an answer it is different than when you ask a question and find an answer; that’s just the way it is.

Therefore, when I see that Southland has approximately one MILLION children in Children’s Ministry, I start to panic just a little bit. All of them are going to eventually ask the same questions one day and I’m going to have approximately one MILLION sets of parent emailing me panicking because their child is losing their faith – which they aren’t, they are just asking questions – the panic however will be a much greater reality than the crisis of faith.

This is why I do believe that every single parent should attend the Confident Christianity Course. Look, the thing about asking questions and finding answers to difficult questions is that you don’t need a PhD or a photographic vault of a mind in order to retain the information in the course. I promise you I needed to go back and reread books and notes in order to prepare the course. Let me tell you what I have told many, many students and what I have even written about in a previous article, smart people are not the ones who have all the answers (those are the annoying people), smart people know where to look for the answers. And parents, I would sincerely like to equip you with more than my email address as a place to find answers to those tough questions your kids ask. Honestly when you email me I’m going to have to think back and do some research to answer them just like you!

You may be wondering, “Should I actually just bring my child to Confident Christianity? I mean wouldn’t that simplify the process and eliminate a step?” Well yes and no. I think that students in grade 7 and up would benefit from the course, but they will need a bit of guidance because it will likely stir up more questions than it answers. Kids younger than that could attend, but besides the potentiality of boredom (unlikely given my hilarity, but at least potentially a reality), will need quite a bit of unpacking after each session. The course isn’t “for parents”, in the sense that it is a course on parenting nor is it for middle school students, we just did a Deeper course in apologetics in fall for them. I am writing it at an adult level and it will be taught at an adult level, but I really do believe that there is value in our kids being with adults in adult settings.

Finally, there is the thing about you. I find that parents actually have a lot of thinking questions about God as well. We know that if you are a fearful, anxious or angry parent you run the very real risk of raising fearful, anxious or angry kids. I have a pretty solid confidence in my faith and I’m hoping that is transferred to my kids as they grow up. The question is, do you? Are you walking in the duo confidence of a real love-relationship with God, full of supernatural experiences, as well as a real Truth-relationship with God, full of confidence in the face of a skeptical culture? If you aren’t, maybe just consider attending for your benefit as well. I leave it up to you to decide. The course will be made available in video format over the next few months for cells to do, so that is an option as well. But I do hope that, if nothing else, you begin to preempt some of the questions that are about to come your way (if they haven’t already) and start answering your own questions as we pursue the Truth, who is Jesus, as a church family.

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