Helping kids who are anxious

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On Sunday morning I had the chance to teach in Kidzland 2-4 during the first service. I love those kids! They are typical, high-energy, fun-loving, leader-challenging boys and girls; and then there are the ones who aren’t. Every week there will be a handful of kids, … Read More

Why stories matter

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Six years ago, when Malachi was 6 years old, I was taking him on an ATV tour of the farm. We did the typical route through the bush along the red river, hit the jumps on the dyke, and found ourselves well west of the … Read More

Helping an anxious child

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I’ll be the first to admit that helping my kids when they are feeling anxious is not my strong suit. In fact I think I am a pretty poor example of what to do, that does however give me a place to start because I … Read More

Dealing with potty mouth

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I have a funny story that I desperately want to put in here as the perfect introduction to this post, but alas it involves people I love and words that shouldn’t be written on a Christian parenting site. Let me just say this; if you, … Read More

A bit of extra weekend reading

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Here are some great blogs from other sites to encourage you this week! The God Who Visits a Second Time {For When You Think You’ve Blown it as a Parent} July 10, 2015 by Kristen Kill Do you feel like you have blown it as … Read More

Raising kids with purpose

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Recently I had the privilege of joining in with a bunch of educators, community leaders, parents and students in a school division workshop to talk about what skills, knowledge, dispositions (attitudes) and values (or beliefs) that a student graduating from our schools should have. Besides … Read More

Parenting in the dark

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Every parent will eventually face a day they have dreaded. Whether it comes with the end of a relationship when spouses cannot mend their differences or a tragic death. Whether it comes with the bully on the playground or the joint you find in your … Read More

The comparison game

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Last week I wrote about capturing the heart of your child. That post was followed by a parents night at our church, so I decided to build off it as teaching material for the evening. In doing so I realized that there is a vital component … Read More

The balancing act

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What kid doesn’t love spinning? All our boys could twirl and twirl until their brains are a spinning, swimming mess and then, of course, the follow-up activity is running in any direction as fast as you can. The strange thing is that I don’t love spinning … Read More

When Fear is Real

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Nothing is quite as unnerving as waking up from a dead sleep and seeing a kid silently standing over your bed at 3am. “I’m afraid Daddy,” she whispers. “Well SO AM I NOW!” You feel like yelling as your heart beats wildly! (Thankfully you keep … Read More

Parents who persevere

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Yes, yes, we all know that parenting is hard. Let’s just move on from the clichés and start talking about solutions. This year, more than any other, I have had to persevere as a dad. It’s like those wars and rumours of wars that I … Read More

Trusting God with our Kids

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My heart was racing, my chest pounding, I couldn’t breathe. For a moment it felt like time had stopped. “Get up, please get up,” I prayed, as I saw my son lying lifeless on the floor of the gymnasium. “Jesus, please help him get up!” … Read More

A Media Challenge! (part 1)

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“Dad, can we watch a clip?” came a 6 year old voice, spoken with as much enthusiasm and eye fluttering as possible, and sent on a mission by her three older siblings to suck me in. “Not today,” I replied. I was feeling strong today, … Read More