The Raising Boys Blog

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Over the past nearly 14 years of my life we have always had a son in the house. At times we have had up to five boys (not including myself) wrestling it out in the living room and if having 12 kids from hard places has … Read More

Is Pokemon Go Evil?

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The short answer is I’m not going to tell you my opinion. And here’s the reason, everyone has an opinion! No matter what I think, someone is going to certainly disagree and emphatically state that I’m unequivocally an irresponsible Christian (not that this would actually bother me, but it … Read More

Dealing With Angry Kids

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Every so often a theme forms among the parents who are seeking advice regarding a challenge they are facing. I am currently experiencing one of those waves and the only way I can describe is as an epidemic of anger in our kids. I’m not kidding! It seems … Read More

Four Ways To Become A Mindful Parent

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You hear about “mindfulness” these days when you read the current psycho-babble articles and books, which at first kind of freaked me out because it sounded awfully New Agey to me, but the truth is,  being mindful simply means becoming aware of what is going … Read More

How To Be Extraordinarily Normal

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I like passionate people. Honestly I do… but I also find them a little bit annoying. Sometimes I talk to someone who just loves hockey and quite frankly I don’t relate, but I’m polite about it. I know that other people feel the same about me … Read More

Hope For Fearful Parents

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When our second son was a toddler I had a horrific dream (several in fact) where he was killed, usually by me loosing his grip in a high place and letting him fall. I remember one time in particular when I woke literally crying; it … Read More

I didn’t sign up for this

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remember one fateful night when our first two boys were about 2 and 6. Tara had gone out for a much needed girls’ night out and I was holding down the fort. I haven’t ever minded evenings like this because I enjoy being alone as and … Read More

Learning To Thrive As A Parent

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  I’m starting to learn something as a mom.  I’m learning that real life parenting and being a mom doesn’t look like the dreams or maybe delusions I have in my head.  Rarely if ever does a family vacation, family devotions, or a poignant moment … Read More

Will my dog be in heaven?

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Will our pets make it to heaven? Well if I were to give an answer off the top of my head I would say that dogs will be but cats won’t be (they will be sent to hell to torment the devil)! I’m kidding! Actually … Read More

The Ultimate Imitation Game

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The Bible tells us that there are three senses in which someone is saved; they are saved, they are being saved, and they will be saved. Believe it or not when we understand this concept we will parent differently, possibly even more effectively! And if we can help our … Read More