The Discipline Challenge

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Let’s get straight to it, here’s the challenge: Whatever you do as discipline for your children, evaluate it. I want you to ask yourself two very simple questions 1) Am I defaulting to an action or style of discipline because it is easy (or natural, … Read More

Parenting in the dark

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Every parent will eventually face a day they have dreaded. Whether it comes with the end of a relationship when spouses cannot mend their differences or a tragic death. Whether it comes with the bully on the playground or the joint you find in your … Read More

When we shouldn’t pray

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I remember when I was in Bible school we were encouraged to “de-bless” our prayers. Our director said that students threw so many blessings into their prayers (“God bless this, bless that, bless him, bless her, bless me) that it had turned into a lazy … Read More

The comparison game

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Last week I wrote about capturing the heart of your child. That post was followed by a parents night at our church, so I decided to build off it as teaching material for the evening. In doing so I realized that there is a vital component … Read More

The balancing act

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What kid doesn’t love spinning? All our boys could twirl and twirl until their brains are a spinning, swimming mess and then, of course, the follow-up activity is running in any direction as fast as you can. The strange thing is that I don’t love spinning … Read More

Good character begins with reverence

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I’m currently reading through a wonderful little book called The Art of Living by Alice and Dietrich von Hildebrand, where they lay out the moral values from which good deeds can arise. (To put it simply, your behavior is always a reflection of your beliefs.) Of … Read More

The Question of Eternity

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Yesterday we celebrated Easter Sunday, the most important day on the Christian calendar of events. And that makes today, you guessed it, Easter Monday! Have you ever thought of what it must have felt like the day after Jesus rose from the dead? Certainly most … Read More

The Bible’s most important lesson

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I think a lot about how best to communicate the stories of the Bible to the kids at Southland. In doing some reading over the past year or so I’ve discovered that many “Bibles for Kids,” Sunday School curricula and other Christian material for children … Read More

A Time Out for Moms

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Selah is a musical term found in the Psalms. While there is no official meaning for this word it does indicate a pause, or a time to stop and reflect. The song writer will begin by lamenting to God and pouring out his heart to … Read More

When Fear is Real

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Nothing is quite as unnerving as waking up from a dead sleep and seeing a kid silently standing over your bed at 3am. “I’m afraid Daddy,” she whispers. “Well SO AM I NOW!” You feel like yelling as your heart beats wildly! (Thankfully you keep … Read More