A Fostering Testimony

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Guest Author – Julie Warkentin Southland’s impact on our decision to foster was huge! No one there ever told us we should foster or adopt, though sometimes people wonder if they do because of the high percentage of families who do. What we are taught … Read More

Surviving Family Roadtrips

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Our family likes to road trip. Over the past few years we’ve taken a bunch and, I believe, have gained a lot of wisdom in the art of long-haul survival. (Bear Grylls should shoot an episode from inside our van!) A few years ago, we drove … Read More

4 Ways to Help Lonely Kids

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Our second son is currently in grade 4, going into grade 5, and he is experiencing some of the same challenges with friends that his older brother had at that age. What is it about those grades? Maybe it’s because kids at that age are … Read More

Porn-free parenting

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This week, 1350 men at Southland will wrap up the Conquer Series on sexual purity and I am so excited to see what the result will be as men walk into sexual freedom over the next months and years. The series has caused me to … Read More

Warm Winter Memories

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Farming is an art. Part of the art of farming has to do with timing. For example in spring you need to gauge when you think it is warm enough to plant without that last killing frost taking out any young shoots. Then you have … Read More

Christmas in Glenlea

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Christmas is full of traditions. In a previous post I wrote about the anticipation of that day with the season of Advent and our silly little tradition of giving small gifts in baskets before Advent Sunday breakfast, but that barely scratches the surface of Christmas … Read More

Thriving at Christmas

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One thing I have learnt as a mom is the need to be intentional otherwise life and our culture just sweeps me along and then I look back and have regrets.  I feel like I missed something.  Have you ever felt that about Christmas?  That … Read More

Advent in Glenlea

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If it’s a secret – then it’s a poorly kept one; I love presents (getting them… although giving them is fun too.) I’m so grateful for Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages, which I have never read but understand validates my desire to receive gifts (it’s how … Read More

The dog who wouldn’t die

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Life and death are all part of the farm life. Even Jesus used farming illustrations to explain the spiritual cost of being His disciple (John 12:24-25). I have very warm memories from when I was very little of Grandpa lopping the heads off of chickens and watching … Read More