Would You Read a Blog About Window Washing?

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Cause that’s what this blog is about. Window washing. Sort of. This past Saturday I washed our windows. Now, I haven’t washed our windows for at least two years (maybe more). (And don’t you dare judge me… there’s a saying about taking care of the … Read More

Don’t Fail at being a Father

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I recently watched a documentary called Free Solo about a professional rock climber named Alex Honnold. He attempts to climb the rock face affectionately known as El Cap in Yosemite National Park without the use of any ropes or safety equipment. It takes two years … Read More

Teaching Our Children To Pray

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It’s interesting but it doesn’t seem to matter who you ask about prayer there is always a tone of guilt in the answer. “How are your devotions going?” “Good, but I only really did like 4 days last week. One day I did 45 minutes … Read More

Re-blog: When To Read For Your Baby?

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Here’s a great short article from www.parentcue.com with advice on when to read to your baby. Super practical advice. When To Read For Your Baby? Before a nap, after lunch, after bath, and before bedtime are all good reading times. The basic idea is to … Read More

Teaching Instead of Disciplining

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Isn’t is easy to become discouraged about parenting? One minute you’re planning an amazing day out with the family and the next you’re ready to call the whole thing off. You know the scenario that proceeds. Your kids are refusing to eat their breakfast and … Read More