COVID-19, Your Kids, Their Fear

Thom DickFeatured1 Comment

Fear was a big part of my life as a kid. When I was young and had a nightmare I could go to my parents’ room and they had a sweet sheep skin rug beside their bed that we could sleep on. (There was NO … Read More

The ONE Thing You Need to do For a Better Marriage

Bonnie KoopFeatured1 Comment

I’ve noticed something lately that is sad and a bit scary.   Some of my friends’ marriages are failing.   It used to be we only heard about someone’s parents’ marriage ending in divorce.  But now it’s people I know.  People from my high school.  People I never thought would … Read More

How to Rediscover Joy in Parenting

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I remember as a kid walking into an arcade for the first time. I loved just looking at the machines and taking in their lights and sounds. One day I remember walking up to a Back to the Future themed pinball machine. I dropped my … Read More