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Corn Cob! Corn Cob! (Episode 17)
There’s a new kid in town! In fact, SHE’S joining the Animal Underground! This shouldn’t be that complicated but bring a girl into any group of boys and, well, things get a little weird.

Going Underground (Episode 16)
Rumors are swirling. Lies are spreading. And suspicions are rising. It looks like the days of protecting the South Forest is over and the team will have to work from the shadows. Rest assured though – the Animal Underground will fight just as hard – rumors or not!

Ruffling Some Feathers (Episode 15)
Boredom plus a hyperactive squirrel or two is never a good combination, but it is certainly a recipe for adventures! Occasionally while resting from protecting the forest, the friends in the Animal Underground find THEMSELVES in trouble… or making it for others!

Winter In July (Camp Episode 2016)
How often do you get snowed on in July, make friends with a human, and get shot at all on one camping trip? Well if you happen to be in the company of certain squirrel cousins at least once in your life! This three-part Animal Underground adventure was first played at Summer Camp 2016.

The Bonds Of Brotherhood (Episode 14)
The gang is back together but things are not good. Bears, wolves, foxes and every kind of unsavory characters are scheming against… well everyone! Things are a mess and the stress is even getting to Ravi! This is the epic last chapter in a series of 4 episodes (11-14).

New Friends And Old Enemies (Episode 13)
In part 3 of this 4 part story, we find Ravi making an alliance with the most unlikely animal. Will it lead to a lifelong friendship or certain ruin? Listen and find out!

Liars, Fires and Bears (oh my!) (Episode 12)
Ravi has gone missing in a blizzard right as trouble is brewing in the north. The timing couldn’t be worse and it has become necessary to bother the bears… BEFORE their hibernation is over! Things are looking pretty bad… Part 2 of a 4 part story.

A Dangerous Storm (Episode 11)
The ferrets have requested a visit from Ravi Raccoon through the council. Ravi will go but he wisely takes along some back-up just in case things take a turn for worse… which they do… eventually… as per usual. Part 1 of a 4 part story.

Friends, Foes And Fools (Episode 10)
The wolves have left the South Forest but winter has come and with it all the challenges of finding food. As if that wasn’t enough to worry about Stark has found some food and is getting it in a most under-handed way…

The Rabbit’s Revenge (Camp Episode 2015)
Stark is up to no good in the South Forest again but not all his dogs are loyal. Can Ravi and the gang influence those who are on the fence? This episode of the Animal Underground was originally recorded for Southland Summer Camp 2015.

Tragedy Strikes (Episode 9)
There’s a new member of the Animal Underground, Freddy the Frog! Unfortunately there is also a new threat in the forest and when the two meet, well, nothing can stay the same.

The Toad (Episode 8)
A strange toad has been rescued and his story is… is… well he can’t remember his story! This is going to be a problem!

Origins (Episode 7)
It’s back to the very beginning to tell the story of how the Animal Underground started in the first place!

Something Squirrely’s Going On (Episode 6)
Ever wondered what those squirrel cousins, Simon and Cyril, were like as kids? Well on today’s Animal Underground episode you’ll find out that they weren’t particularly kind – ESPECIALLY to poor Rees Raccoon!

Bear Country (Episode 5)
It’s hard to know exactly where things went wrong with the bears, but they simply haven’t found a way to get along with the animals of the South Forest. In this story, Ravi makes a friend though with an unlikely animal who will surely become an important friend in the future!

The Prodigal Chipmunk (Episode 4)
You thought you knew the crazy little chipmunk named Jakob? Well you may not have heard about THIS part of his life!

The Story Of Stark (Episode 3)
The Story of Stark is the third Animal Underground story, but this one isn’t quite as happy. What happens when an animal faces embarrassment and shame without a kind mentor to help him through? You’ll find out some of the dire consequences in this episode.

Missing Again! (Episode 2)
Ravi and Rees are off on their adventures again but this time it’s Rees who disappears.

Ravi’s Most Difficult Day (Episode 1)
When Ravi was much, much younger he and Rees went on an adventure they didn’t choose! Welcome to the inaugural Animal Underground episode!