Have you experienced the incredible feeling your heart being transformed by Jesus? And don’t you long for your children to be transformed as well? Many parents at Southland Church have been experiencing personal spiritual renewal, through what we call Church Renewal Practices, unfortunately it hasn’t been easy to translate those practices into language and experiences that our children can understand. Our prayer is that as you read the articles here at The Renewed Family, you will find many small, practical ideas to bring the Church Renewal Practices right into your home so that your kids, regardless of their age, might have the most real, authentic and life changing relationship with Jesus possible!

The Eight Church Renewal Practices are

  1. Learn about God AND know God
  2. Submit to Jesus as only Savior AND functional Lord
  3. Pray to God AND hear from God
  4. Grow our character AND our spiritual gifts
  5. Confess our sins AND receive inner healing
  6. Make disciples AND expand God’s Mission
  7. Prepare for Eternity AND End Times
  8. Minister to our Families AND others

Now can you just IMAGINE a child who is growing in these eight practices? Please read on and start discovering the many practical ways you can help your kids grow with Jesus – who knows you may just grow a bit yourself!

Thom Dick

Pastor of Resource Development

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