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The God Who Visits a Second Time {For When You Think You’ve Blown it as a Parent}

Do you feel like you have blown it as a parent?

Maybe not completely,maybe not even today, but we’ve all been there. Too harsh, too quick to dole out punishment, too frustrated to really see, too overwhelmed to engage. The guilt can eat away at us and leave us wondering if we are truly up for this whole parenting thing. Do you want to know the coolest part about raising children in the light of grace?

God’s plan will not be derailed when we blow it.

It just won’t.

God is working in you and through you in his plan for your children. He has chosen you to be their mom and dad. He sees your inadequacy right along side all your gifts and He is still for you. Still with you. Still using you. He wants to make himself known in your weakness.

I can say this with confidence because it is the way God works again and again in the Bible. The people God chooses are very seldom the people we would choose. They are typically arrogant or lack faith and are almost always insecure. They have all blown it and made huge mistakes.

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