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Here are two blogs that I thought were worth sharing for a bit of extra reading this weekend. I hope you enjoy them.

This first one is from Natasha Crain at www.christianmomthoughts.com again but I would like to point out that in the US there are many surveys and studies that have been done on why people are leaving the Church but few in Canada except the excellent “Hemorrhaging Faith Report” commissioned several years ago by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. I would highly recommend reading a short summary of their findings here. The report will give an overview of factors leading to our Canadian kids leaving the Church and the article below will give some excellent specifics that you can use to evaluate the situation in your home!

The second article has a great devotional resource for parents (the giveaway is over but it is still worth looking at!)


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6 Signs Your Kids Will Eventually Believe “Nothing in Particular”

6 Signs Your Kids Will Eventually Believe “Nothing in Particular”

By now, you’ve probably seen the headlines from the most recent Pew Forum study on religion in America: The number of Christians continues to decline sharply, while the number of those who are “unaffiliated” with a religion continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The “unaffiliated” group includes atheists, agnostics, and people saying they believe “nothing in particular.”

I’ve talked a lot about atheism on this blog, and I absolutely believe it’s the number one threat to our kids’ faith today. But it’s also important to understand that the group growing fastest is those who believe “nothing in particular.” Most of these people believe in some kind of God, many consider themselves “spiritual,” and some pray regularly…but they don’t identify with a specific religion.

While your kids may get pulled into atheism by its vocal proponents, they may inadvertently fall into “nothing in particular” if they aren’t raised with a faith that gives them reason to believe something specific.

Here are 6 signs your kids will eventually believe “nothing in particular.”

1. You talk about God 50 times more often than you talk about Jesus.

OK, I can’t quantify that exactly, but the point is that faith can start sounding very generic to your kids if you almost always talk about God and rarely talk about Jesus—for example, why Jesus lived on Earth, what He taught while here, who He claimed to be, who others said He was, why He had to die, and what He accomplished on the cross.

The possible result: Your kids won’t see the need for faith in JesusChristianityspecifically. Subsequently, any view that embraces some notion of God starts sounding roughly equivalent. That can eventually turn into a distaste for religious “labels” and a rejection of Christianity’s exclusive truth claims. Your kids might hold on to a generic view of God, but for all intents and purposes, they’ll end up believing “nothing in particular.”

Read the rest of the article here


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Keep Eternity Before The Children {giveaway}

“Keep eternity before the children.”

The word “keep,” says a lot doesn’t it? My wife convinced me recently that an elliptical is much better for me than running. So we bought a used machine from some friends and put it in our finished attic. Honestly, the first time I used it I thought I was going to have to crawl downstairs for help! My encouragement? “Keep” going – you will live! It was hardly comforting, but wise advice.

To “keep” anything, whether it is a garden, clean room, or exercise program, requires that we continue – we persist, maintain, or stay the course. It’s easy in marriage and parenting to get interrupted, distracted, busy, or just plain old exhausted. And so sometimes we give up on doing what is most important – we stop “keeping.” But what are we supposed to “keep?”

“Keep eternity before the children.”

These were the parting words of Dallas Willard’s mother. He was just two years old when she died. And so with what final words, strength, and wisdom she had – she reminded her husband of what was most important to “keep.”

Keep God at the center. Continue passing on the truth of God’s Word. Stay the course. Keep pursuing Jesus. “Keep eternity before the children.”

God gives this enormous and joyous responsibility to parents.

Read the rest of the article here


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Have a great weekend friends!

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