4 MORE Practical Ways to Grow Your Child’s Love for Jesus

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Welcome back to our four-part series on growing your child’s love for Jesus.

Here’s where you can find part one, two, and three.

Today we’ll close with four MORE ways to cultivate in your kids a love for Jesus.

Live the hardships of life with them.

I am sure you don’t have to be told about how life is filled with pain and hardships, but if you are like me, you need to be reminded of how Jesus is with us in the pain.  Keep this age appropriate, but let them know how you are journeying the pain of life with Jesus.

When I lost my job and didn’t know where to go next, we talked about it as a family.  One day my daughter had an idea to have her own lemonade stand to raise money to help pay the bills.  As cute and innocent as she was in that moment, that was not her burden to carry.  We had a good talk about it and discussed how God knows what is going on and He will provide.

Maybe in their lives it is more along the lines of having a bad day at school, or a struggle with being picked on.  Whatever it is, point them to the truth that they can trust in Jesus when life is difficult.

In Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus talks about the wise and foolish builders.  It’s interesting that they both got hit by the rains, but only one did not fall.

Let your kids know that you are building your life on His rock.

Live the joys of life with them.

Jesus said He would bring “life to the full” (John 10:10).  We need to enjoy life to the best we can.

Is your home a fun place to be?

This is not about keeping up with the Joneses or whatever the next cool thing on the internet is.  But are you building joy into your home?

Enjoy each other’s presence.

Play games.

Color together.

Cook and bake together.

Go for walks.

Sit by a fire.

Not everything needs to cost a lot or anything at all.  Find ways that your family can build relationships with each other.  The family is one of the most significant factors in a kid’s life.

Galatians 6:7 says that you will reap what you sow.  What are you sowing into your family life?

This is not meant to guilt anyone.  Each family has a unique situation.  It is, however, a challenge to look at your situation and discover ways to sow joy into your home so that you can reap joy as a family.

Tell them and show that you love them.

Don’t assume they know that you love them.  Speak it into their lives.  Spend time with them in ways they appreciate it.

The Bible is full of references of God’s love for His people.  He told us how much He loves us, then He showed it by sending Jesus (John 3:16).  Do our kids know that we love them?

Take some time today to hug them and speak your love for them into their hearts.

Have an understanding of good theology yourself.

Kids have questions.  They have big questions.  Are you able to hear their questions and answer them to the best that you can, or do you continually say “I don’t know” to everything?

Kids need a safe place to ask their questions, especially the uncomfortable ones.  If they can’t find answers at home, they will find them in other places.  This doesn’t mean that you will know all the answers to every question, and it’s okay to say you don’t know something.

But do you have a good grasp on the truth of God’s word to be able to show your kids the truth of it?

Growing our kids to love Jesus may seem like a difficult challenge.  We are up against some pretty tough opposition, but we also have the best Teammate one could ever have.

Jesus wants us to know Him.  That means He wants our kids to know Him.

And as much as I question His decision to give my kids the dad He did, I trust that He will be with me to help me be the best parent I can be.

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