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Last summer, my family was in a season of overwhelm. My husband was working overtime all summer to prepare for school, we had just decided we would take our 5 year old out of school and start homeschooling and my 9 month old would not take a bottle. I kept feeling like I was dreading summer; like what am I supposed to do with my kids ALL SUMMER LONG?? As I would spend time with Jesus asking Him how I would get through this summer, He kept prompting me that I needed to focus on being intentional with my boys. I really didn’t know what this would look like in my home for this season. One day, I was looking for coloring pages for my kids on Pinterest and I came across this Summer Fun Schedule. I knew immediately that’s what I had to do with my boys.


The schedule is the following:

Make something Monday (Craft)

Get outside Tuesday (Go to the park or splash pad)

What’s cooking Wednesday (Let them get in the kitchen and help!)

Time to read Thursday (Library day)

Go somewhere fun Friday (zoo, beach, have a playdate)



I customized it to a different theme every week, according to what interests my boys have. My themes were: Star Wars, Colour, Hockey, Dinosaurs, Superhero, Bug/Insect, and Spy week. My boys LOVED this, and I enjoyed that it was a easy way to connect with my kids with just a small simple activity each day.

Here are examples from 3 of my weeks:


Colour Week

Monday- We put paint into water guns and they painted on canvas’ from Dollarama (OUTSIDE). (This turned out great, we still have these art pieces displayed!)

Tuesday- Park day

Wednesday- We made monster cookies with M&M’s for our colour theme

Thursday- Went to the library and found books on rainbows

Friday-  Play date and shared our monster cookies 🙂



Star Wars Week (this was by far their favourite)

Monday- We made space ships out of toilet paper rolls and cereal boxes that they could decorate and put their figurines into.

Tuesday- I remember the weather not being great for this week so we subbed in another craft and made BB8s out of white paper plates and construction paper.

Wednesday- We made R2D2 milkshakes for dessert this day. So much blue food coloring. But so worth it!

Thursday- Library and read Star Wars and space books.

Friday- Park with friends.


Dino Week

Monday- I froze mini Dinosaurs into balloons filled with water and they had to find them by using a turkey baster and warm water.

Tuesday- Park

Wednesday- Made sugar cookies and use a Dinosaur figurine to put foot prints in it.

Thursday- Library and took out books on Dinosaurs.

Friday- Went to the Dinosaur exhibit at the Zoo.



I found summer to be very relaxing last year by doing this. My boys rarely ever complained of boredom and they liked the structure of knowing what is coming each day of the week (I do too!!). Before summer started, I had been struggling to connect with my 5 year old. I just didn’t know how to be relational with his interests. These weeks of actually taking time to get on his level and learn about things that he liked really grew our relationship. I am so grateful that Jesus used this idea he gave me to be intentional with my kids!


Below I have links to some of the crafts I had mentioned and also some other layouts for planning you could use. Enjoy!



Elly Carr is an awesome mom of 3 boys and has been a part of Selah for many years.

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