Making friends in Middle School

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I don’t care what anyone tells you being in middle school, those grades from 5-8 are hard. Probably one of the most difficult things about them is the way our friends change in those years. I remember being in grade 5 and crying to my [awesome] teacher, Mrs. … Read More

The Big Back to School Blog!

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Let’s get them ready! Oh yes! It’s that time again! I have been holding off on the “getting ready for school” blog for some time, but it’s August and I can’t wait any longer! (I mean the stores only really give our kids a week … Read More

Lessons from a grade 2 field trip

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Well I did it – I finally fulfilled my annual parental duty to volunteer at school in some capacity. Yesterday I accompanied my son’s grade 2 class to the Museum of Man and Nature for the entire day. As I left I tweeted out my … Read More