Five Blogs About Online Safety

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Occasionally it is worthwhile to get a sampling of great material from around the blogosphere to help parents. Here are five websites and blogs that will help you to get up to speed on some important information about online safety for kids.

5 Things about Love Every Porn-Immune Kid Knows

Every parent NEEDS to spend time on this amazing website. It seems like every article is relevant, interesting and helpful! 

Kids are growing up in a confusing world. Sex is equated with violence in popular movies (think 50 Shades) and love seems completely divorced from sex. That’s why kids need intentional lessons about love to give them more power to resist viewing pornography.

The truth is this: Porn is enticing and kids are curious! They need clear reasons from their parents to look away from pornography. Valentine’s Day is a great time to teach kids that love leads to happiness, not porn…


5 Ways to Convince Your Tween NOT to Use Porn

Most tweens are exposed (sometimes often) to pornography.  No big deal? Every kid does it? No harm done? Wrong!

Helping tweens develop resilience to the peer pressure to look at pornography is critical. Tweens need to understand why they should choose to look away…


Kids Wireless Use Facts

This site is exactly what it claims to be – a concise collection of facts. They are from a variety of sources and extremely enlightening.

Teens & Young Adults Use Porn More Than Anyone Else

If you like great research – George Barna is your guy. 

Sex sells. Or, to put it in 21st century terms, sex gets clicks.

Smartphones, tablets and laptops have revolutionized the way people encounter images. Pictures and videos are easily accessible with one swipe or click; it takes very little effort to encounter sexually explicit content on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Even mainstream media is infused with sexualized images and ideas—one needs only to see an Axe commercial, a primetime Miley Cyrus performance or a “reality” show like The Bachelor for confirmation.

This “pornification” of popular culture means younger generations are coming of age in a hypersexualized cultural ecosystem. They, in turn, tend to be more open to sexual experimentation and self-expression—leading to further social acceptance of sexually explicit content. One cannot help but wonder where this self-perpetuating feedback loop will end…


What Screen Time Is Doing To Our Kids…

The Center for Parent Youth Understanding with Walk Mueller is FULL of fantastic current cultural trends and advice for parents. 

Last night I had the opportunity to speak about kids and technology (a short segment of our “Born 2b Wired” seminar) to parents and staff at a local school district. They were holding an Internet Safety Expo that was designed to pass on all kinds of resources to parents. . . who happen to be the most important people in a child’s life (something we seem to have forgotten in our culture). We talked about the need to set boundaries for our kids, not only to protect them from others (predators, hackers, bullies, etc.), but to protect them from themselves (impulsivity, bad decisions, lack of wisdom, etc.). Sadly, we all know children, teens, and adults whose online behavior has been costly to themselves and to others…


And an infographic…

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