April 6 & 13

Strength Training #3

March 9 & 16

Well Being: Taking Care of Ourselves

February 23 & March 2

Strength Training #2

February 9 & 16

Skill Building: Redirection
Unfortunately the audio is incomplete on this one.
In this this session Nicole gives fantastic ideas for creative discipline after you’ve connected with your child.

January 26 & February 2

Strength Training #1
Audio cuts off just before group finishes.
This session is all about recognizing overwhelm and learning what to do when we get overwhelmed.

January 12&19

Skill Building with Connection
In this session we talked about WHY we need to connect with our kids when they are in emotional overwhelm and then HOW we actually do this.

December 1&8

The Importance of Resting Your Muscles
This was our Christmas brunch morning but we also took time to evaluate our priorities and schedule over Christmas and make sure we were focused on the right things.

November 17&24

Racing Skill #1 CHARACTER
In this first session on character Bonnie outlined why we need to grow in character, what keeps us back from growing and then how we can use stories to help us change our character.

November 3&10

Understanding Your Body
This was a topic all about the brain! We learned the 4 key areas of the brain and why they need to be integrated before we can learn, make good decisions or disciple our kids.

October 20&27

Keeping Focused on the Race
How do we keep from sinking in the waves like Peter? By keeping our eyes on Jesus and His plan for our lives. There are 7 key areas of our lives. When these areas are centered an in-line with God’s will we are better able to handle the pressure of life and not sink.

October 6&13

What Race Is Your Family Running?
This session is all about ‘beginning with the end in mind’. We need to know where the finish line is and then do what it takes to keep moving in that direction.

September 22&29, 2016

What Race Are You Running?
Our first Learn It Session focused on helping you grow in confidence as a mom. When we know the path God has called us to live, we can walk with greater strength and peace. God has designed you with a very special gift set that is perfect for your family. We need to take time to think about our skills and abilities and use these to bless our families.