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We have a new Vlog up today about cleaning with kids! Now in the video, I say a lot that it’s important to have FUN while cleaning and maybe I over state it because cleaning just isn’t a good time for me but I’ve learned to make it fun so I can power through, so hope you enjoy the video because fun things are the best! (we do still have to work hard even at the non fun jobs. I just don’t like to think about those too much….. so here’s a laugh before you watch the video.)






Anyway, here are the age appropriate chore charts I’ve linked in from Pinterest. There are a ton of different ones and options so these are a small sample of what’s out there but I just agree with what’s on these ones, I just include age 1 in that start too because after 1 and a half, they LOVE to help.




Thanks for watching! Leave your ideas in the comments on how to help kids clean, have fun cleaning, routines or what your kids do!


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  1. I remember back when I was having little ones asking my friend who was done raising her little guys, what she did….I always thought about what she said.
    Her and her husband always taught her 3 boys: 1st we work hard, THEN we play hard!! ( They had a huge house too ) They would put the kiddos to work on the Saturday morning ( whichever day works ) and after chores were done they would make it routine to have pizza and games/movie/whatever. Just fun family time.
    I always thought it was a great way to stop kids from the dreadful nagging 1st thing in the morning…”can I watch a movie?, can I watch cartoons?, can I play wii?, etc, etc”
    Can’t say I always fell inline with this, but being a Routine Gal I would often strive for that and I know my kids remember that quote from me. They actually still hear it when we have a big task to do such as our huge lawn to mow. Hehe.

    Also I find, to this day, having even a simple list written down beside their backpack spot, or next to their bedroom door with their “bedtime routine” list and their “after school routine” list was such a great way to not have to nag them. Let’s face it. We hate being ‘that’ mom. So when they would get in the door from school and would ask for something, I could simply say ” Is your list done?” Before long, they hustle through their jobs, and music lessons prior to the question they knew would be asked. Ha!~ This method worked so well for us that with my new little one growing up it is a sure thing I will be doing again.
    Whatever method people use, they just need to be consistent (like you already said)

    Go Routine!

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