How To Help A Friend With Post Partum Depression

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This week on the vlog, we talk about how to support loved ones with post partum depression or struggling with motherhood. Hint: the biggest thing is to LISTEN to other moms! Not offer advice… And if you have any questions, email us at

The Potty Training Vlog…

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Well guys, we have a new video up today and it’s about Potty Training! So check it out and then let us know your tips or tricks for potty training in the comments here or on Facebook or on the video because it always helps … Read More

Cleaning With Kids

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We have a new Vlog up today about cleaning with kids! Now in the video, I say a lot that it’s important to have FUN while cleaning and maybe I over state it because cleaning just isn’t a good time for me but I’ve learned … Read More

Ask Selah Moms! Our New Vlog

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Hey there! If you missed the brunch wind up, you will have missed our big announcement about the new Vlog we’re starting to answer YOUR mom questions this summer. Check it out below, and when you’re done watching it, let us know your ideas in … Read More

My Refiner’s Fire

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Today’s post is a wonderful testimony from Selah mom Justina Kornelson. Thanks Justina for sharing your story with us!     From a young age, I always dreamt of being a mom. At the age of 26, that dream came true. Our son was the … Read More

Surviving Spring Break

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  Ever feel like ‘breaks’ are more exhausting than regular life? I look forward to Spring Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break and vacation breaks, but I can easily get to the end of them wondering where I missed the ‘break’ part.  It’s bad when I … Read More

Move It Or Lose It

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  Our bodies were made to move.   If they don’t, they begin to weaken and break down, causing all sorts of problems such as weakened immune systems, joint problems, decreased emotional capacity and an increased risk of various diseases.  Literally it’s: move it or lose … Read More

Feeding Your Family

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  Feeding our families is a huge part of our life as moms. I had a friend once say that she felt like she should just put her bed in the kitchen.  Indeed, there are many days when it feels like I’m in the kitchen … Read More

The Heartbreak Of Miscarriage

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One of the hardest things to go through in life is the death of a child. Even a child you never get to meet. Miscarriage is heartbreaking and grieving needs to happen, just as with any death. One tool for healing can be hearing the … Read More

Fitting God In

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The question was asked of me, how did I fit devos into my busy days when I was still in the middle of raising my kids. I need to give you a bit of my history to answer this question. We had 4 kids in … Read More