Learning from Those who have Gone Before 

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  A testimony by Carolynn Puhach One of the things Kris and I [LaDawn] love doing is ‘pestering’ older parents who now have kids loving and serving God.  We pick their brain for what they did and how they parented so that we can learn … Read More

What To Do When Your Child Acts Up In Public

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  Step one – take a deep breath!  And know that you are not alone.  Everyone’s child loses their marbles and embarrasses their parents in public at some point in time.  Some of us are just blessed with kids who do it more often than … Read More

My Refiner’s Fire

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Today’s post is a wonderful testimony from Selah mom Justina Kornelson. Thanks Justina for sharing your story with us!     From a young age, I always dreamt of being a mom. At the age of 26, that dream came true. Our son was the … Read More

Surviving Spring Break

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  Ever feel like ‘breaks’ are more exhausting than regular life? I look forward to Spring Break, Christmas Break, Summer Break and vacation breaks, but I can easily get to the end of them wondering where I missed the ‘break’ part.  It’s bad when I … Read More

Move It Or Lose It

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  Our bodies were made to move.   If they don’t, they begin to weaken and break down, causing all sorts of problems such as weakened immune systems, joint problems, decreased emotional capacity and an increased risk of various diseases.  Literally it’s: move it or lose … Read More

Feeding Your Family

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  Feeding our families is a huge part of our life as moms. I had a friend once say that she felt like she should just put her bed in the kitchen.  Indeed, there are many days when it feels like I’m in the kitchen … Read More

Follow Your Heart (and other lies we believe)

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There I was, laying on my bed, crying. Just an hour earlier, I had cancelled all of my evening plans, because the crushing weight of life’s demands had sent me on the low road, a state of complete overwhelm. I was exhausted, I was lonely, … Read More

Extending Preschool Learning Experiences at Home

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Everybody provides learning experiences for their children at home. Even if you feel like you don’t do anything… you do! From singing just for fun, to basics like helping your child use a spoon, you are continuously doing things with and for your kids. Let’s … Read More

The Heartbreak Of Miscarriage

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One of the hardest things to go through in life is the death of a child. Even a child you never get to meet. Miscarriage is heartbreaking and grieving needs to happen, just as with any death. One tool for healing can be hearing the … Read More

Fitting God In

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The question was asked of me, how did I fit devos into my busy days when I was still in the middle of raising my kids. I need to give you a bit of my history to answer this question. We had 4 kids in … Read More

Making Room In Your Life for Your Husband

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God has been working on me for a few months now. He’s been exposing my pride and independence. I had prided myself on being a doer, a planner, and a get-things-done kind of person. Those things come in handy when tackling Christmas lists and birthday … Read More

The Value Of Community

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At the end of every Selah year, I ask moms what topic helped them the most. Far and away the most common response is not a topic but rather the blessing of community. Information is important, but on its own, it’s just words. Greater than … Read More

I Don’t Want To Miss Christmas

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What is the point of Christmas? I mean, what’s the real meaning behind it? How should I be celebrating, what should I be doing to really get the full Christmas effect? And how do I answer all those questions as a follower of Jesus? I … Read More

Potty Training in 3 Days!

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Potty training in 3 days! Did I catch your attention?! Can it really be done? No! Or at least not usually. Sorry to trick you. See I did a search of potty training articles and the titles were all ones like I gave this post. … Read More

Building Relationships with Kids 

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Something I want for my kids is for them to be loved. Just as I crave relationships of my own, I also long for healthy relationships for my children. With a little effort we can begin to build healthy, positive, loving relationships with the kids … Read More

The Tornado Life

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  1 hour. 2 000 steps.   I never realized how much hustle happens in my home between 7:00 – 8:00 a.m. According to my Fitbit, I take an average of 2 000 steps in that one hour. It’s absolutely astounding. That’s 20% of my … Read More