3 Ways To Have Complete Joy!

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Yesterday Pastor Kris quoted a verse that I had just recently added to my memory verse rotation; John 16:24 (HCSB) “Until now you have asked for nothing in My name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.” Now, aside from the astonishing, … Read More

Only 364 Days Until Christmas!

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Can I just tell you what the best part of Boxing Day is? It’s the first day of anticipating next year’s Christmas! Oh and in case you’re wondering I already have my Christmas list started! (If you are at a loss for what to buy … Read More

Thoughts on singleness

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You may wonder why we would post a blog about singleness on a family website. There are several reasons. First of all our primary family is our Christian family in which there are those who are married and those who aren’t; we should seek to … Read More

3 Easy Ways To Love Your Tween

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I’ve been working with teens in and around those tricky jr. high/middle school/tween/young teen ages for fifteen years. While this makes me feel old, and while there are many things still to learn (even in just keeping up with their world), I have discovered some constants … Read More

Porn Proof Your Kids – Part 2

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For the past few months we have been in a message series on marriage and sexuality at Southland which has led to some inevitable and interesting conversations. Interesting, but not necessarily encouraging. For all our genuine efforts, both spiritual and practical, there is still an … Read More

The Raising Boys Blog

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Over the past nearly 14 years of my life we have always had a son in the house. At times we have had up to five boys (not including myself) wrestling it out in the living room and if having 12 kids from hard places has … Read More

Scripture Lullabies Are AMAZING!

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Every so often a great resource comes to my attention that need to be passed on! This past week a friend of mine told me about some great worship albums I hadn’t heard of before called “Hidden In My Heart” by Scripture Lullabies. These are … Read More

So Many Sparrows

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I’ve learned something in the past year and a half of writing blogs; if you want people to read your post, write about teaching your kids about sex, how to protect them from porn or… Pokemon. These are hot topics and admittedly very relevant. I … Read More

6 Ways To Keep Camp Alive In Your Kids

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So Summer Camp has once again wrapped up for your kids. They have returned home with new friends, new memories and hopefully, for the boys, a few more scars to impress the girls with. Additionally, they have a reignited passion for Jesus and have talked your ears … Read More

How to Survive Awkward Moments

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Parenting is a constant, real-time experiment, especially with a son who has Down’s Syndrome. Awkward moments are hardly rare around here… Like when our non-verbal seven-year-old son throws an all-out screaming fit on the floor in the middle of Sobeys. That’s a fairly common experience … Read More

Is Pokemon Go Evil?

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The short answer is I’m not going to tell you my opinion. And here’s the reason, everyone has an opinion! No matter what I think, someone is going to certainly disagree and emphatically state that I’m unequivocally an irresponsible Christian (not that this would actually bother me, but it … Read More