A Media Challenge (Part 2)!

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Yesterday morning I was sitting in church and felt convicted that I needed to become more creative with my children again. I had found myself resorting to the easy and obvious things to do as a family. We have set the parameter in our home … Read More

What I look for in a legacy

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Several years ago I had the formidable experience of preaching at the chapel of a senior’s residence in Winnipeg. I say formidable because this particular complex seemed to be filled entirely with former Mennonite Brethren pastors. Now put me in front of a group of … Read More

Church Renewal
For Your Family

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I think that most people who have attended Southland for any amount of time understand what we mean when we talk about the need for personal spiritual renewal. In fact, people often find that once they realize their need for renewal, they realize they have … Read More

God told you what?!

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A few weeks ago my son ordered something online. In his enthusiasm for it to arrive he decided to do listening prayer to ask Jesus when it would come in the mail. He proudly announced to me that God told him that his parcel would … Read More