Grief in Glenlea

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William Bergman lived just a kilometer, if that, up the road from our farm in Glenlea and William Bergman’s dad built him a real tree house. Now when I say a real tree house… that is precisely what I mean. This tree house was built at tree … Read More

Parenting with wisdom’s gentleness

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Who is wise and has understanding among you? He should show his works by good conduct with wisdom’s gentleness. James 3:13 (HCSB)  The book of James is full of hard-hitting but practical statements; many of which apply to parenting. Yesterday morning in my devotions I … Read More

The Joy of Ordinary!

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On a recent Friday, my wife and I were like many couples – both working 8-10 hour days. Our children, 13 & 15, had the whole, glorious day wide open before them! What a life, hey? Would they spend the day requiring constant entertainment? Would … Read More

The Top Posts from May

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Here are the most popular posts from The Renewed Family and our Facebook page from the past 30 days! Thanks for taking time to read and share our stuff! Enjoy rereading and re-laughing!   [hr gap=”15″] EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SELAH MOMS MINISTRY … Read More

A bit of extra reading for the weekend

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Here are two blogs that I thought were worth sharing for a bit of extra reading this weekend. I hope you enjoy them. This first one is from Natasha Crain at again but I would like to point out that in the US there … Read More

My favourite parenting websites

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Ok, you are going to feel deceived as soon as you look at the links below because all of them are actually on apologetics and only the first link is about teaching your kids about apologetics, but this is the thing, first of all I … Read More