Little Evangelists

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For many, many years I have had an inner conflict on the best way to introduce children to Jesus. On the one hand, I’m not afraid to help kids understand their need for Jesus and help them ask Him into their hearts (a phrase uniquely … Read More

Dealing With Angry Kids

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Every so often a theme forms among the parents who are seeking advice regarding a challenge they are facing. I am currently experiencing one of those waves and the only way I can describe is as an epidemic of anger in our kids. I’m not kidding! It seems … Read More

Four Ways To Become A Mindful Parent

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You hear about “mindfulness” these days when you read the current psycho-babble articles and books, which at first kind of freaked me out because it sounded awfully New Agey to me, but the truth is,  being mindful simply means becoming aware of what is going … Read More

How To Be Extraordinarily Normal

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I like passionate people. Honestly I do… but I also find them a little bit annoying. Sometimes I talk to someone who just loves hockey and quite frankly I don’t relate, but I’m polite about it. I know that other people feel the same about me … Read More

The Happy Benefit to Making Mistakes

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My wife and I were able to attend the Empowered To Connect conference for the second year in a row at the beginning of April. This conference is for foster and adoptive parents and those who support them, teaching good parenting practice from the latest … Read More

Understanding Autism

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“Do you want a box on the head?” The phrase from the elderly gentlemen caught me off guard as I was trying to calm my autistic son down before we entered the store. I was snapped back into reality when he slapped my son in … Read More

Hope For Fearful Parents

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When our second son was a toddler I had a horrific dream (several in fact) where he was killed, usually by me loosing his grip in a high place and letting him fall. I remember one time in particular when I woke literally crying; it … Read More

The Day After Easter

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There are certain things you want to forget and find. For example I recently put on my light coat, last worn in autumn, and reaching into my pocket I was thrilled to find $15. This is unusual because I almost never carry cash, but I … Read More

I didn’t sign up for this

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remember one fateful night when our first two boys were about 2 and 6. Tara had gone out for a much needed girls’ night out and I was holding down the fort. I haven’t ever minded evenings like this because I enjoy being alone as and … Read More

Thriving In Intimacy

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  We all want intimacy in our relationships. With Jesus, with our spouse. We want it, we try to grab it, and we try to make it happen by doing more talking, more sex, and more date nights. Now those are all good things, don’t … Read More