Foster kids need friends

Thom DickAdoption/Fostering, Featured2 Comments

I started working at Southland in 2006 and I’ll never forget as the realization dawned on me that somewhere around 10-15% of our youth group were foster or adopted children. It was very exciting for me to be in a church that valued taking care … Read More

Speaking With Your Kids About Sex

Chris PuhachFeatured, Parenting3 Comments

What a wonderful blessing it is to be a parent! We have the mighty privilege of training our children up in the way they should go and the time that we invest NOW can bear incredible fruit later on. The time is worth it! Fellow parent, do … Read More

A Media Challenge (Part 2)!

Donavan FriesenFamily, Featured1 Comment

Yesterday morning I was sitting in church and felt convicted that I needed to become more creative with my children again. I had found myself resorting to the easy and obvious things to do as a family. We have set the parameter in our home … Read More

What I look for in a legacy

Thom DickFamily, Featured1 Comment

Several years ago I had the formidable experience of preaching at the chapel of a senior’s residence in Winnipeg. I say formidable because this particular complex seemed to be filled entirely with former Mennonite Brethren pastors. Now put me in front of a group of … Read More

Southland Worship – Together We Run

Southland ChurchFeatured0 Comments

At Southland we have learned and experienced the tremendous value and importance of the Body of Christ. Individually we are only one part of the Body, but when each part take ownership for their role in unity with the other parts and under the headship of Jesus, the church … Read More

Conquering a lack of confidence in prayer

Monique DesorcyFeatured2 Comments

The very first Prayer Summit that I attended, I sat with Carla Fontaine, one of Grace Fast’s main leaders on her Prayer Team. Of course I hoped to receive some deep insight for her from the Lord that night as we listened in prayer. As … Read More

Trusting God with our Kids

Dana LoewenFeatured, Parenting2 Comments

My heart was racing, my chest pounding, I couldn’t breathe. For a moment it felt like time had stopped. “Get up, please get up,” I prayed, as I saw my son lying lifeless on the floor of the gymnasium. “Jesus, please help him get up!” … Read More

Parenting Out Of Fear Or Faith?

Chris PuhachFeatured, Parenting0 Comments

“Decisions made out of fear are usually bad decisions.” This declaration is one that I often share with OTHERS, but only recently I was confronted with an area where I needed to apply it directly to my own life. Very convicting! Specifically, a number of … Read More

Helping kids to pray out loud

Monique DesorcyFeatured1 Comment

As a kid I was nicknamed “La p’tite souris” (aka: The little mouse”) because I was so shy and quiet all the time. How do we teach kids to pray out loud with their voices if they avoid speaking altogether? I didn’t outgrow my shy quiet … Read More