Animal Underground – the LOST episodes!

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Yes it’s true! Three “lost” Animal Underground episodes have emerged from the archives! Hope you enjoy them. And don’t forget you can find ALL the Animal Underground episodes HERE, or as soon as they are released by subscribing at Apple Podcasts (just search for “Animal Underground.”)

Ruffling Some Feathers (Episode 15)

Boredom plus a hyperactive squirrel or two is never a good combination, but it is certainly a recipe for adventures! Occasionally while resting from protecting the forest, the friends in the Animal Underground find THEMSELVES in trouble… or making it for others!

Going Underground (Episode 16)

Rumors are swirling. Lies are spreading. And suspicions are rising. It looks like the days of protecting the South Forest is over and the team will have to work from the shadows. Rest assured though – the Animal Underground will fight just as hard – rumors or not!

Winter in July (Camp Episode 2016)

How often do you get snowed on in July, make friends with a human, and get shot at all on one camping trip? Well if you happen to be in the company of certain squirrel cousins at least once in your life! This three-part Animal Underground adventure was first played at Summer Camp 2016.

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